Monday, August 16, 2010

Andrew Sweater

3 projects done, 5 to go and 32 days left.

Hello Readers!

I have worked SO HARD this weekend. I am exhausted and also very proud to have another finished project to show you. (Although not necessarily proud of the sweater itself... I have mixed feelings about it and I am still thinking of ways to improve it.) Olivier says he is happy with it, but the real test will be to see if he wears it. ;-)

There were a lot of adjustments to make. Woah. The original Burda pattern was very short -- or maybe Olivier is just very tall! In any case, I learned a valuable lesson. No matter how tempting it is to skip the mock-up of a new pattern (in muslin or pattern paper), don't skip it. If you do, it will cost you. Making the mock-up really doesn't take that long (relatively) and you will be so grateful if the pattern doesn't fit perfectly -- which is most of the time. Readers, learn from my mistakes!

Another thing I learned through the Andrew Sweater is to not overthink things too much. I am very much "think-do-think," while I should be more "do-think-do" when it comes to sewing. Like our guest Martin was saying yesterday: all everyone will see is the finished product. No one will think about all the possible ways it could have looked, all the other decisions you could have taken. Most of the options you showed me yesterday were so minor, I couldn't notice the difference between them! Try to take decisions faster. So yeah, I think he is right and I am trying to make decisions more quickly instead of agonizing over which option is the right one.

I can't even begin to explain all the hurdles I've had to overcome this weekend. I think I need a really easy project now. Like the green skirt or something.


  1. First off, the sweater looks amazing and I don't think your boyfriend is kidding when he says he really likes it.
    Second, you are the same with shopping!!! And this can be exasperating for me. You agonize over every choice/option. Martin is right, you should make your choices faster and consider the importance of your choice in the scheme of things.
    But, I think this quality is good in other times. It shows a deep regard to doing things the best possible way, and to see things through till the end.
    Keep sowing,
    your sister xoxo
    p.s.: I thought of my request... make me a skirt that doesn't make my bum look big? :D Request is optional.

  2. I love this sweater, you did a great job ! I would like to make one for my boyfriend. Which burda pattern it is ?


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