Friday, August 06, 2010

Sneak Preview

Dear Readers,

As a result of some lobbying from my lobbyist partner, I am now directing my energies towards the Andrew Sweater. Here is a sneak preview of what’s to come…


  1. Haha can I lobby for something too??

  2. hahaha! Do you believe in me so much that you think I can not only finish every single one of my 8 projects AND make you something on top of that?? :-D What do you want?

  3. hehe a bag would be nice!!!
    For school and all. But don't worry if you can't.
    You know I wouldn't mind a cute wispy top either :) It's like you want. you can always mail it to me for christmas!

  4. Hello Adrienne - thanks for your comment on my blog :)

    I had my sewing machine shipped over with all my things. The good thing about our shipping company is that they didn't go by weight (my over locker is a beast) but by size.

    We were thinking about shipping our couch over (which is very light, but big) and it would have cost $1000 more.

    For that reason I shipped over my machines. I may have left my actual sewing machine behind if it was going to be expensive (its a cheapish machine and I want a new one anyway) but for me it worked out to be okay to ship them.

    Do your research, if would it be cheaper to just a new one, then do that. I'm not sure if airplanes would let you check it on as carry on and they wouldn't take any responsibility for damage if you had to check it into checked luggage.

    Maybe email them and find out :)

    Good luck, I hope the move goes smoothly!



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