Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A Sunny Dress for a Rainy Day

Project completed: 1
Projects to go: 7
Days left: 49

Tah-daaah! I finished my dress!

As you may have noticed, I am not doing my projects in the exact order that I’ve set out in my previous post. (I am sorry if this upsets you, but I encourage you to see it as a weekly surprise!)

Today was an awful, rainy day, but I wore my dress and it made it OK. I am usually pretty sensitive to weather -- I've already started mentally preparing myself to England's rainy weather. I might have to wear my yellow dress a lot.

It was funny because I didn’t have anything much to reply at work today when I was asked what I had done this weekend. While everyone was like “I explored grottos”, “I partied like an animal in Montréal”, “I went camping in a nature reserve and bathed in a natural thermal spa.” I was like “Huh… I sewed…”

It made me think: Should I really be locked inside, sewing, when it’s so beautiful outside? Summer is so short! I think a better solution is to enjoy the weather when it’s nice, and to leave sewing for another time. (But not too much, because I still have 7 projects to go!)

I designed the pattern myself, from my basic dress pattern that I have perfected (and that I still am perfecting). Here you can see that we make do with what we have -- floors work just fine!

I was thinking of lining the dress at first, but I then realised that this was going to make for a very hot dress – and go against my idea of a light summer dress. And the awful polyester lining that I picked... not breathable. Question: is rayon that much better? What do you use for lining?

I felt sad to completely discard the lining that I made – I had put so much time into cutting and assembling the pieces, and positioning and sewing the darts – but I certainly knew that it wasn’t working.

So what I decided to do, was to crop the top to only keep the skirt, which I turned into an underskirt with the help of a simple elastic band. Practical, versatile and cute.

The front ornamentation consists of giant, vertical “pin tucks”, which I have folded into what I believe is called “box pleats” (one single horizontal box pleat, to be precise). Readers, correct me if my terminology is wrong, but on that, I laid a band of bright yellow fabric to bring the whole thing together.

As I was telling someone today, it wasn’t that the front piece was difficult to make, but it was rather that it was time-consuming to make, in the sense that I had to figure out the exact proportions for each part so that it looked balanced.


  1. I fixed the picture problem -- now they are nice and high res like the other ones. Enjoy!

  2. I love the yellow on you!

  3. i had no clue you were such a talented designer, wow!!!


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