Sunday, August 29, 2010

Teal with it

Hi all!

For the record: 5 projects done, 3 to go and 19 days left (gaaah).

Sewing is my favourite and most unreasonable thing to do at the moment... If you saw my ginormous To-Do list before my departure, you would understand!

After the Andrew Sweater fiasco, the success of project #5 has cheered me up. I did make a mock-up version this time around, and was so glad I did, because I had to basically redraft the entire pattern! It actually took a few days.

I instantly fell in love with this pattern from 1963 in an online store based in Utah. I must admit that I was bit apprehensive about working with vintage patterns at first. I was told the instructions sometimes condense 4 steps in one line that takes a whole night to decipher. (!) Luckily, the instructions were one of the clearest I have ever read, with very cute, detailed drawings. (Is there such a job as pattern instruction artist? Can someone tell me what I have to do to get one?)

Quilting cotton with black piping around the collar and sleeves -- all bought at trusty Fabricland!

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  1. adorable top! can you make one for me too please?


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