Thursday, January 06, 2011

Eloise Apron

I made this apron as a Christmas gift for Olivier’s gourmet sister and soon-to-be doctor, Eloise. I would have loved to make it more colourful, but Eloise's aesthetic is very minimalist, so I stuck to this nice white and blue cotton. Could I have asked for a more beautiful model?

Baking Bonnet, part 2

It was a crafty Christmas for me this year. Remember the baking bonnets I made for Céline last summer? Well, she asked me to make one for her sister-in-law.

For some reason, I found myself very nervous about this project. Maybe it had to do with making something for someone I didn’t know. Anywho, I was so nervous that I bought three different fabrics for it! I ended up chosing this one but I realise smaller prints work probably best.

An additional challenge was making my own bias tape. I found it was a lot more difficult than other bloggers claim! Maybe I'll have better luck with 100% cotton next time?

I hope my package reached its destination in time and that Céline’s sister-in-law liked it! If not, I can make her another one!

Reusable Bag


This post is looooong overdue! I have not forgotten about you, but my new Masters program has kept me uber busy.

This fall, I spent a nice weekend in London with my friend Mélissa. To thank her, I made her this reusable bag. (Coincidently, she lost hers on the street that very weekend!)

(Mélissa with loaf of bread)

(Mélissa with partner Renaud)


They even cooked a delicious breakfast for me on Saturday morning… Yum!

Look, my first made-to-measures pants!

Olivier’s Christmas list only had one item this year: made-to-measures running pants. His old ones were in pretty bad shape and they are important to him because he runs almost every day. Olivier’s dad is also a regular runner and we thought it would also make the perfect present for him. So I naively ventured into this difficult project a mere three days before Christmas, innocently thinking it would be as easy as simply copying the old pants. (FYI, I started three days before only because that's when I finished my essays!)

My first version had major problems in the crotch area. The crotch, Readers, is the heart of your pants. The slightest variation in its curve or length will entirely change the fit. Turns out it’s basically impossible to make a proper crotch without precise measurements and complex calculations. I wish I had a picture of my previous tries to show you just how wrong they looked!

But I only learned this fact after 2 days, 4 pants and 5 metres of muslin. I was then faced with an ultimatum: giving up on the project entirely OR teaching myself pattern-drafting in, gulp, one day.

Bellow, my previous four failures.

I took a deep breath and found a tutorial online. There was only problem: after all my previous attempts, I was out of muslin to test my newly-drafted pattern (very important since the actual fabric was not cheap at all!). Let me remind you, Readers, that there are no fabric stores in Hull.

Then I remembered that we had a extra set of sheets in our wardrobe somewhere.

Seeing Olivier in these bedsheets-turned-pants made me so happy. At that moment, I knew my project was going to be successful!

The online video tutorial I found is called eSewingWorkshop. Not only is it fool-proof, but it really works (and it's Canadian!). That particular tutorial is more than an hour long. Access to the website is not free, but it’s well worth the price at around $15 CAN a month. Now, I know how to draft the perfect pants for any body type.

This is the version I made for Olivier's dad. They fit like a glove!

And these are Olivier's...

I lined the inside with ultra-soft bamboo cotton and the outside is a type of water-proof, high-tech nylon from London’s SoHo district.

Olivier is really happy about both the fit and the feel. On my end, I must say that I am excited about my new skill. All I’ve been thinking about since then is what kind of pants I’ll make for myself. We all know how hard it is to find nice-fitting pants!
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