Sunday, March 13, 2011

Madame Gray

I had made this dress last year and I realised I had never posted it for you Readers!!

This was the first dress I imagined and completed. I used basic dress pattern See & Sew’s B5168 and changed the neck opening to make it V-shaped in addition to adding a collar and cap sleeves.

I can't tell you what the fabric is other that it is synthetic and stretchy (I really must work on my fabric knowledge!). It's this type of fabric that a lot of cheap retail skirts and pants are made of, in stores like Dynamite and Suzy Shier, you know what I mean? Probably a kind of polyester with Lycra. Anyways, this fabric was extremely difficult to work with because of its slippery quality and its stubborn resistance to my iron! I will leave this fabric for the more experienced sewers.


  1. I had forgotten just how well that dress suits you - grey fabric is nice from time to time!

  2. Well, a big part of it was you taking really good pictures!

  3. Classy!
    I'm having slippery fabric problems too with a burda dress. But it doesn't come out as nice as your dress... In facts, it does not come out at all :(

  4. @ sillyetc: Est-ce que tu as mis des photos sur ton blogue de ce projet qui n'en est pas un? Je suis curieuse! J'espère que ton doigt va mieux depuis l'accident. Pauvre toi!


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