Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pendrell Blouse 2

Ta-daaah! My second Pendrell. Can you tell I love this pattern?

The fabric is viscose. I cut a size 2 everywhere this time, trading off a more taylored look for comfort in the back.

Another thing I did was cut the binding pieces a little bigger, because I found the ones the pattern prescribed were too small last time, for some reason. The armholes were a lot easier to bind with slightly longer pieces this time around.

I was feeling experimental and I tried different things at first. One of them was this version with no sleeves and black bands instead of frills. It doesn't look so bad on here, but it looked a little weird in real life. The bands wavered a little, and the general look was just homemade. So I opted for the frills again.


  1. I linked over from your featured project on Burda style. This blouse is simply gorgeous! You definitely made the right choice for the fluttery sleeve rather than the black band. They are very flattering on you.

  2. Lovely! I especially like the little peep hole fastening at the back! x

  3. Thank you! I think so too, that the frills are better.

  4. I love this blouse!!! I love the pattern SO MUCH and the frilly sleeves as well. It looks amazing on you! Can't wait to see where your OCSD leads you next! ;)


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