Friday, March 18, 2011

Surprise from the mail

I was woken up this morning by an envelop being thrown at my head... What on earth?

From the US! My Colette Patterns!!

After seeing all the beautiful Beignet skirts popping around the blogosphere, I finally broke down and ordered it. And since I was already paying for shipping, it simply made much more sense to order a second one in the same order. (Pure logic.) I picked the Roiboos dress because I liked Karen's version in wool so much. So warm and comfortable for winter... just throw it on and start your day.

Following a suggestion from a BurdaStyle member, I decided to wear the Korean schoolgirl shirt in a bow. I certainly seem to fit in the decor of this colourful vegetarian café, where we were celebrating my friend's birthday -- Happy birthday Alessandra!

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  1. Wheeee! Thanks for the link. You will love the dress. I have that pattern for the skirt and am itching to start on it. Good luck!


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