Monday, June 20, 2011

The Skirt of Second Chances

A lot has happened since my last post, Readers. I have now moved back to Toronto for the summer and it feels like a new beginning. No more rain, no more wind – just lots of sun, and sewing ahead.

So, remember my Beignet muslin?

Influenced by Tilly’s love of her Beignet, I momentarily forgot the reality of my own figure: “Better to stay away from high waists, Adrie.”

But really? Is this what sewing is about, though? Sticking to what you know?

I decided that sewing was also about experimenting. So I listened to the encouragements of Petite Josette, Karen, Jane -- and none other than Tilly herself -- and decided to give Beignet another shot. So there you go, "The Skirt of Second Chances."

The nice pictures here are by Alessandra Mondin (first two).

The awkward tugging you you see happening bellow is because I was in a big hurry to photograph this skirt and could not press it before rushing to the photoshoot (more on that later!). Also, I cut a size too big, and made a mistake in my adjustments, which means it ended being too tight. It's not so bad now, thankfully, because the fabric has stretched.

But still, I’m not going to lie, this is probably not my most successful piece. That being said, I wore it four days out of seven this week (it’s in the wash now, I promise). Ok, there is the fact that all my summer clothes are stored in Northern Québec and that this is the only skirt I have at the moment. But you know what? Beignet has grown on me. I love the lining. It brings the garment to a whole other level.

Bellow, the label doubles as a hook.

Also, when I went into The Workroom, a sewing store on Queen West, my Beignet garnered a bit of attention (that’s right!). I met the owner – a very cool lady – who sells and sews Colette patterns herself and was interested in finding out how I made out with it.

Here is what I told her:
-       Colette patterns tend to be big. The instructions advised to cut a size 10, but I really needed a size 6.
-       When you make your muslin, don’t forget to write down the size you cut somewhere – on your pattern, in your sewing notebook or on your computer file. I forgot to do that, and I unfortunately ended up cutting the wrong size!
-       If you are curvier at the hips, omit the side pockets and add bound pockets on the front instead. Also consider adding a jeans-style pocket at the back to structure your bootylicious frame.
-       Make sure to mark your pattern pieces carefully (notches and everything), because they all look alike and are easy to confuse.

My favourite part about being in Toronto? Lots of fabric stores! Do I really have to tell you what I'm doing today?

Next post, I'll tell you all about the green blouse I'm wearing.


  1. lovely! thanks for the tips on the beignet - this is slowly creeping up my "must sew" list!
    Can't wait to hear more about your green blouse too - it's v pretty. have a lovely summer - and send some sunshine back to the UK! x

  2. There are so many things I love about this post that I don't know where to begin?! I love the skirt and the lining. The lining definitely took it to another level. I LOVE that green blouse you're wearing. Looking forward to hearing about the story behind it. As a bootylicious lady I especially love the tip about putting a back pocket on the skirt.

    Can't wait to read about life and sewing adventures in Toronto.

  3. I am sad that you've left the UK but you're looking GORGEOUS. I love the Beignet and can't wait to hear more about the blouse. Love all your photos.

  4. Wow, it's gorgeous Adrienne, I'm so pleased you gave it a second chance! The lining is so classy and I love the covered buttons, you look wonderful in it. Enjoy your summer back home. x

  5. This looks gorgeous on you, I bet you're glad you decided to go ahead with it! Your blouse is lovely too, can't wait to hear about it.

    It's sad you've left the UK, but I'm glad I got to meet you before you did ;o)

  6. Thanks everyone! I was also sad to leave the UK! But I'll be back sometime next year for my thesis. I'll need to interview you. ;-)


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