Saturday, July 09, 2011

Linen Pants for Mr AS&AS

It was during our trip to India last year that Mr AS&AS encountered the joy of linen pants in humid weather. After wearing his first pair to pieces, it was time to make him a new one.

Since I had kept his pant pattern from last winter, I could whip these out in an afternoon. I used a piece of linen I had picked up for £4 /yard in Leeds Market. I'm really satisfied with the quality of the fabric (for once!).
He insisted that I not bother with pockets, but still mentioned that a small pouch in the front could be useful for cards and keys. I really wasn't sure how to do that. It seemed to me that adding a small pocket to the front of the pants would make it look too feminine. A trip to H&M menswear allowed me to figure it out. It appears the secret lies in tucking one end of the pocket in the side seam for a more masculine look.

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