Saturday, July 09, 2011

Vogue 9850 -- The Ottawa Skirt

Mission accomplished! A new denim skirt for summer. (You can read more about the making of the skirt here!)

Speaking of summer, I'm so happy I'm not spending the summer England. When people say "There is no summer in England" they are not joking. When I first heard that, I thought: "Yeah right, they are just exaggerating." Until I experienced the month of June in Britain. No sun, no warmth. Just rain, wind and humidity. Summer where you can't wear shorts and sandals is just not summer to me!
And the final touch.

Sweater: H&M from my sister's closet. Not sure which season.
Shoes: H&M Spring 2011
Bag: From Indonesia bought 10 years ago

Next post: the making of the skirt!


  1. well, June in Vancouver this year sure sounds a whole like June in Great England...Cute skirt, looks like a perfect season basic !

  2. I love it, particularly with the final touch, cute!

  3. Lovely! The bow detail is just adorable!

  4. Beautiful, I love it! x

  5. I love this skirt, Adrie! Very Nancy Drew-like ;)


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