Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Baseball Shirt

I made this shirt earlier this summer (can’t believe summer is already over now) and wanted to share it with you. I was definitely an “instant gratification” kind of project because it’s made from my Grannysmith blouse pattern, a tried and true cut-sew-wear. The fabric is a light-medium weight cotton sear sucker.

I wanted to try something less girly and frilly than my original Grannysmith blouse (which I still love very much). I’m thinking I may have gone too far in the opposite direction. I don’t know why but it reminds me of a baseball shirt. I tried to add a little bow on the pocket in an effort to feminize it a bit, but I think this kind of collar is probably more successful with frills. Next time I’ll feel drawn to clean lines, I think I’ll go for a classic dress shirt collar. I actually have never made a dress shirt and I’m dying for a perfectly tailored white dress shirt in luxurious shirting cotton.

That day, my sister Katheryne and I spent the afternoon cooking and biking. Here, we are at the Rooster Café on Broadview – a super trendy place I discovered recently. I will definitely miss hanging out with her when I’m in Spain this year!


  1. I actually like the simplicity of this shirt Adrienne, not everything has to have frills and be super girly. I bet this looks good with a pair of jeans!

    Your sister's so cute! How long will you be in Spain for? You should definitely take advantage of the cheap European flights and visit us in the UK again ;o)

  2. I love this shirt - it looks so elegant and pretty - the bow on the pocket is a very nice touch!

  3. Thanks! Isn't my sister cute??

  4. So so cute top. Love it.


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