Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ottawa skirt v.2.0

In South Carolina, I found a big tunic at a second-hand store and immediately saw potentiel in the soft, high-quality denim for an improved version of my Ottawa skirt. I wish I took a picture of the original garment! Quite dramatic transformation.

Anyways, the main problem with my original Ottawa skirt was the length, which I'm not sure is flattering. Also, the type of denim I chose was fairly low quality and stiff. I still loved the idea of a denim skirt though. It doesn't take much room in a suitcase, doesn't get wrinkly and goes with every pretty much any top.

I test-drove version 2.0 for a morning of shopping before finishing the edges. I'm glad I did because I realised it clung to my tights like crazy and rode up my legs when I walked -- fashion disaster! I obviously needed to line it so I unpicked the waistband in order to do so. My criteria for picking this particular lining fabric was "those colours look pretty good together". Wrong!! I learned that cotton lining -- however lightweight it is -- will not prevent static and clinging, but will amplifie it. So to redo the lining, and  unpick the waistband once again in order to redo the lining. Not too excited about that, Readers.

Since I'm going to Montréal today for a few days, I may not even have time to do it before I leave for Spain on the 25th. And once I'm in Granada, I have to look for a place before I can think of looking for a sewing machine. The latter is more fun, tough!

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