Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why I've been MIA

Where has Adrienne been all this time? Readers, she’s been traveling.

First, to South Carolina, where she was completely charmed with Southern accents and food. The primary goal of our trip was to visit Mr. AS&AS’ American family in Charleston, but we also detoured through Florida.

Highlights of this trip:
- Finally meeting Nana, Mr. AS&AS’ paternal grandmother in her perfectly preserved 1960s home,
- A big family dinner of the freshest shrimps I’ve ever had
- The town of Celebration

An inner courtyard of Charleston in baking heat
Cypress trees and retro downtown of Savannah, Georgia
I wore my Lobster dress to the Charleston Aquarium!

Our American trip did involve a lot of driving, but not nearly as much as our Northern Québec trip, where we drove 2,500 KM in 3.5 days to visit two Cree native reserves (Nemaska and Wemindji) and one of the biggest hydro-dam in the world. As you can see, it's another world out there and it really makes me want to continue exploring Canada.

Poutine, a québécois delicacy
Beautiful nature
I discovered that many Cree families still have teepees in their backyard, which they use for traditional cooking
Other than traveling, I’ve been spending my days “collecting and reading material for my thesis,” and “getting ready for my move to Spain.” Really, I’ve been spending my time feeling unproductive and unhappy about not sewing and not updating my blog! I agree with Tilly's paper: sewing does make people happy. And I should sew more.
All this to say that last night I re-immersed myself into the world of sewing by reading blogs and I felt better afterwards. My favourite blogger right now is the lovely Marie, who is about to open her Etsy shop. Seeing everything she's produced during the summer really has inspired me. Also, it warms my heart to see her progress towards a goal she has set for herself, which she had mentioned at the Fabric Fandango last Spring. 
Wait a minute, what?!? You went to the Fabric Fandango and you never told us??? 
That’s right friends. I went to the Fabric Fandango and I never told you. That is how delinquent a blogger I am. In the spirit of redeeming myself, you get to indulge in these never-before-seen pictures of the sewing event of the year.

Our group consisted of Melizza, Marie, Dibs and Justine (with Portia and Zoe in the far-right background)

In Dibs favourite fabric shop, where she is known on a first name basis and her haggling skills are feared

Have a nice day everyone!


  1. Welcome back! I missed you! Brilliant to wear the lobster dress in an aquarium. Your travels look amazing and make me hungry. I want to go to Caroline now! And Canada. How lovely to see photos from the Fabric Fandango. What memories.

  2. aww, look how excited and happy we were. lol. Your holiday pics really look beautiful I love the cypress trees.

  3. Yay for being back! I do have to say that I adore your lobster dress! My dad's side of the family is from Maine and we all just love sea food.

  4. Welcome back! Sounds like you've been having a fabulous summer. Mmm... that picture of poutine makes me want to go to Quebec. You can get poutine in Toronto (where I live) but it tastes nothing like the poutine you can get in Quebec.

  5. Thanks everyone! I'm glad to be back!

  6. Great to have you back and thanks for all the comments you've left me and for the mention in this post! I'm so honoured!!!

    Your travelling snaps look amazing, what a fab time you've had. And I really can't get enough of your Lobster dress! My friend checked Leeds market for the fabric, but they were all out. Apparently they are getting more in, so fingers crossed I may one day have a Lobster dress of my own ;o)

  7. That fabric store looks great! and it sounds like you had heaps of fun on your trip. Reading about your long trips in the car, it reminds me of travelling in Australia, heaps different to travelling short distances in Europe:) I love you lobster dress! it suits your surroundings perfectly.


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