Friday, October 14, 2011

Sewing Machine Hunt in Granada

Yesterday, Germano and I went shopping for a used sewing machine. We spent over three hours digging through junk stores all over the city. Not only did he show me second-hand stores, but along the way he also showed me the best fabric stores and sewing machine doctors in town. I was surprised to see how vibrant the sewing community is in Granada -- certainly more so than in Hull, unfortunately. I cannot thank Germano enough for being so generous with his time last night. What a great sewing tour of Granada.
Germano, surrounded by sewing machines
In the end, I didn't buy anything because I'm not willing to pay CAD$150 for a machine I'll have to leave behind at the end of the year. As much as I am itching to sew, I also want to find the right machine -- at the right price. After all this work, I must admit that I felt a bit disappointed when I came home, but I'll keep going to these stores regularly and hopefully the right machine will show up.

Other than that, we came across this beauty! It wasn't working, but we still enjoyed it as an eye candy. So cool!

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