Monday, October 10, 2011

Update from Granada

Although my last post was only two weeks ago, it feels like it was over a month ago. So much has happened since then. I'm now all settled into my new apartment, here in Granada, I've familiarised myself with the city, I've started classes, I've stuffed my face with tapas and I've even made a few new friends.

Only one is thing missing right now (aside from my dear Olivier, who is still back in Canada) and you've guessed it, it's a sewing machine. My hunt is proving to be more challenging then last year's. The first thing I did was to look in the local newspaper for the classifieds. I did find the classifieds, only the wrong kind of classifieds (ehem). My next strategy was to look online. No luck there either.

When I came across a used sewing machine store near my university, I really thought I had scored. From the window shop during the siesta, I could see the exact model of the 80s Singer I had in Hull. I was already imagining myself with her, sewing away all kinds of cute summer dresses.
"This is meant to be." I thought.

I was in for a surprise when I went back and inquired about the price.
Turns out, the machine was almost 250 euros. I believe my reaction went something like:
"WHAT??? 250 euros!?!? for a 30-years-old machine?!?"

How that stores stays in business, I do not know. And they would not budge when I tried to negotiate the price. My only explanation is that they cater to naive older women who still have the mentality that any sewing machine is something very, very expensive.

So my hunt continued, and just as I was getting a little discouraged, something unexpected happened. I saw a young woman reading a fashion illustration book on the bus. I don't why -- because I don't usually talk to strangers, I'm too shy -- but I started talking to her. And you know what? I'm really glad I did. It turns out that she is part of a craft collective (no less) and she is pretty sure she can help me find a sewing machine.

Fast forward a few days and I have a date with Germano, a Brazilian designer who kindly offered to take me to a market to buy a used sewing machine. We are meeting on Wednesday: I'll keep you update, Readers!


  1. How exciting! What an adventure! Well done for being brave. Keep us updated.

  2. Oh wow, you're going sewing machie shopping with a Brazilian designer called cool is that!?! And all because you talked to a stranger! So the moral of this story is that talking to strangers is good ;o)

    I'm glad you're settling in and I hope you can get sewing soon ;o)

    P.S. I posted your giveaway prize last week, so it should be with you this week I hope!

  3. Yes! Fortuitous serendipity. :o)


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