Friday, November 18, 2011

Lucky Lady

 Readers, I’m telling you, I'm a lucky lady.

First of all, earlier last week, the mail brought me a package from the USA.
“A package from the United States?”
Yes, from the United States. From none other than Natasha of Natty Jane Sews, of course, because she had participated in the Pay it Forward project a few months back!

Here are all the wonderful handmade pretty things lucky me has received. I noticed everything is perfectly crafted, down to the most minute detail -- this is very "Natty Jane"!
Please pay no mind to the poor lighting in this picture that really do no justice to Natasha's beautiful things 

I love the little fox pouch not only because the fox has always been my animal alter ego, but also because it turns out to be the perfect size for my passport.
See! A match made in heaven
My favourite part of her care package was without a doubt reading her grandmother’s stories. She moved to Hull UK when she was around my age and I could easily imagine her riding her bicycle to the school where she taught. How difficult and crazy it must have been to go through the war and the bombings… What an interesting lady, and what an interesting life! Natty Jane, I think you could write a whole book about your grandmother’s life and many people would buy it – I know I’d certainly be the first one in line!

Thank you Natasha for such a thoughtful gift!

Now moving on to the second reason why I’m a lucky lady, readers…
Ta-daaaah! Proud owner of Alfa Next 30.

Seeing that I was becoming pretty miserable without my sewing machine, my mom and my boyfriend conspired to buy me this pink and white wonder! It’s a Spanish brand and it’s pretty extravagant considering I’ll be using it only 6 months, but it feels very strong and sturdy, which is very good. I know I can count on you, Alfa Next 30!

Thank you mom! Thank you Olivier!

And now, let the sewing begin!

Next post, some pictures of my life here in the beautiful city of Granada.


  1. You really are one lucky lady. The machine looks beautiful. Wow. I love the colors. Won't you take it with you when you are going back?

  2. That machine is so pretty, I hope you get sewing soon ;o) And what a lovely 'Pay it Forward' package you received!

  3. @ Dibs: Thank you! I love the colours too. :o) To answer your question, no, I can't take it with me because the Americas are on a different voltage than Europe. If I were to bring it back, I would need a transformer to transform the electric current (not simply a plug adaptor) in order to not fry my motor! Transformers are a pretty big deal and it's just simpler to buy a new machine.

    @ Marie: I also hope to get sewing soon!


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