Wednesday, December 28, 2011

No space? No problem! How to transform your kitchen into a sewing lab

You don't necessarily need a lot of space to sew. Right now, I live in a tiny attic apartment in Granada, Spain, and I manage just fine. The key is smart storage solutions as well as accepting to spend an additional 5 min. before and after your sewing session to set-up and put away your gear.

1) Pick a cupboard or a section of your closet. This will be your "sewing cupboard". In my case, my low kitchen cupboard was always a bit inconvenient for food stuff. Also, it was close to a power outlet for my sewing machine, and offered a lot of light from the window.
Top shelf: sewing supplies, tracing paper, and iron.
Bottom shelf: sewing machine, pedal and patterns.
When visitors come, simply shut cupboard door!
2) Set up your ironing board close to your sewing machine and power outlet.
When you are done, simply tuck away your ironing board behind a door...
and hang your work-in-progress behind that door using a skirt hanger.
3) For folks who don't have enough table space, remember that a couch makes for a great pin board...
and that a foldable table can easily triple your work space.
Important tip: set up your sewing machine close to the fridge so you can easily reach for snacks.
There you go! When everything is tucked away, no one will guess your kitchen is in fact a secret sewing lab!


  1. I love this post Adrienne, it really shows that creativity can't be stifled! Your ideas / solutions are all genius!

  2. Thanks for this post! I do my sewing in the kitchen right now and I think my space is in need of a bit of a reorganization.

  3. What a fantastic blog post! I love it! And you kitchen looks soooooo neat all packed up - you're right - no one would ever know :-) Sam xox

  4. It sounds like one of those superhero rooms where you push a button and all the secret crime fighting equipment appears. Brilliant :-) I can never get my works in progress as tidy as yours though.

  5. OMG this is funny. My ironing board is actually in the kitchen as it is one of those fold out ones that look like a cupboard on the outside. And all of themy notions are stored in a cupboard above the broom closet in the back of the kitchen. So when I get the board out and my sewing box out on the counter my kitchen totally looks like a back room for my sewing studio (a.k.a living room)...
    It's great how you made use of a small space and sitll manage to work with it! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Salut! I am excited that you felt the need to share these ideas... because I recently had a brainwave about how to use the kitchen as a sewing space... (drumroll)... buy a large light sheet of plywood from a DIY store, this sheet can be rested on your ironing board to use for laying out the pattern and fabric; the height is much better than cutting at the kitchen table. And it doesn't take up any space, the board can overhang the kitchen table kept sturdy by ironing board legs. I'm sorry - it's hard to describe! I haven't started a dedicated sewing blog yet (at the moment my sewing posts are intermingled with my 'musings on design') but if you click my name, I will have a picture up on my new sewing blog soon.
    Very excited about your thesis too and the things you are noticing about women and blogging and sewing! Bonne chance, until soon again, Roisin

  7. Brilliant!! I used my dining room as a sewing space for a while, but I wasn't very good at putting everything away, lol. I've got a post on Craft Gossip scheduled for tomorrow evening that links to your post:


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