Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Urban Bohemian Apron

For Christmas, I also made an Anthropology-inspired apron for my partner's sister. We won't tell her, but the apron was actually finished about 6 hours before Christmas. My father told me that my mother used to do this too when she was my age -- panic at the last moment when she hadn't finished sewing her presents, with no backup plans. I guess Mom did not only pass along her passion for sewing, but her bad habits too!

Fabric: cotton steen, linen and quilting cotton.
Pattern: self-drafted.


  1. What a beautiful apron, I love it! And self-drafted too...impressive!!!

  2. How lovely. I love the color palette and fabrics you used.

  3. Oh, isn't that apron beautiful? I love the ric rac detail. (Isn't your partner's sister beautiful, too?)

  4. OOh I love it! Bit cheeky but could you share any dimensions/pattern drafting tips? I'd love to do the same for my sister's birthday!

  5. Oh it's so lovely! Too lovely to actually use while cooking - I'd be scared of getting it dirty!

  6. I adore this apron, and I adore the colours. Your partner's sister is a lucky, lucky girl! x


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