Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Paint Splash Dress

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m obsessed with Vogue 1152. Love, love, love this pattern… It's the second time I make it (see first make and muslin) and I would totally pull an OWOP on this. Unfortunately, I only have 10% of my clothes with me here in Spain, so my other makes are in Canada (a shame, I know).


  • I shortened and straightened the sleeves
  • I raised the neckline by 1-2 inch. (The neckline is still too low to wear without a tank top underneath, but this is the most I could raise it without interfering with the design.)
  • I omitted the side zipper – if you are full busted or if you have broader shoulders I would definitely not recommend this. But since I am none of these things, I can get into the dress without it.
  • I skipped the interfacing because, to borrow the words of Karen: “The fabric is capable of standing up, walking out of the door and picking a fight.”

The fabric is printed cotton twill that I acquired on sale for only 3$ a yard at Fabricland in Val-d’Or, Québec (they have the best sales there… very dangerous…). The result is not bad, and I think I like it better than silk, but it may be just a tad too heavy. The pattern looks best with light to medium weight fabrics.

In terms of finishing, I don’t often sit around and think, “Oh I wish I had a surger!” but I admit that this time I did. I’m usually really happy with my French seams and my good ol’ zigzag function. In this case the design of the dress prevented me from French-seaming, and the fabric was a bit too thick to “roll” within the zigzag stitch. So I’m left with this hairy, homemade-looking inside...

Aren't you tempted to make this pattern too, with Spring in the air? You totally should, you won't regret it.


  1. Niice. Very 'very prairie' look you're rockin' there.

    1. HA! Asbolutely. I love that blog actually, even though she hasn't updated in 2 years. Her version was totally the inspiration for buying this pattern.

  2. I'm seriously jealous of the fact that you have such Boticelli hair!!


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