Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Garcia Lorca Dress

Readers, I’m not only back from my sewing hiatus, but I’m back with a bang!

I'm very pleased to introduce my favourite project of all time: the Garcia Lorca Dress.
 The photographs were appropriately enough taken in Garcia Lorca park in Granada.
The fabric-pattern combination is pretty dang right on – cotton voile and, of course, the Cambie dress from Sewaholic!

 I cut a size 6, but made several adjustments to the bodice (performed small bust adjustment, lowered the armpit line by one inch, reduced the sleeves in width by one inch and enlarged the waist by half a size). I also reduced the width of the skirt to make it less poufy because, you know, we already have plenty of volume there. 

As you can detect in the photograph bellow, I’ve reinforced the top of the bodice with some interlining to give it more structure. There are a few versions of Cambie’s View B out there that, although very beautiful, appear a little flimsy in the bodice. The gathered skirt of View B does call for a light-weight fabric, but the bodice looks best when more structured. (Next time I will make my life easier and use a sturdier lining for the bodice instead of interlining.)
As much as I try to fight it, my sewing seems to occur in bursts. I get intensely involved in something for a few weeks, and than intensely involved in something else. These past weeks, that something has been my thesis. While working on the Cambie, though, I’ve been finding it quite soothing to come back from a hard day at the library and do something with my hands.

As you may know, my thesis is actually about sewing and the online sewing community. I will be presenting some snippets of it here in the coming weeks.

Photography by Jillian Rubman.
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