Sunday, September 09, 2012

Cambie Dress in Action

Earlier this summer, I accompanied my mom to a Bengali wedding. What a feast for the eyes! And the perfect opportunity to showcase my García Lorca Dress (Sewaholic Cambie dress).
I impressed everyone at my table when I told them I had been an "actress" in a Bollywood movie. Really, I was just an extra with no speaking part who barely made it into the final cut! And my own mother did not even spot me in the movie -- that's how brief my "part" was!

While traveling in Mumbai, we were approached by a casting agent who offered us a whole $10 and three meals for a full 12-hour day of standing around on movie set. We were in! Luckily, it wasn't a scam, and we really did get to appear on the silver screen next to one of the biggest Bollywood star, Kareena Kapoor. The movie is We Are Family (2010). Here is the proof! (I'm the blurry person in the background wearing the burgundy shirt.)

After two years abroad, I must admit that it's strange to think that I'll be back in Canada for good in October. I'm very excited about having a stable place to live and a sewing corner where I can accumulate store fabric. I'll also be reunited with all my self-stitched garments, which means I'll finally be able to partake in Me-Made events! I've only been meaning to do that for the past... two years? But couldn't because I only had a small percentage of my wardrobe with me in Europe. So, the next Me-Made event is in... March? That's... quite far away... Too far away. Could Zoe please create a "Self-Stitched October" for me??

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