Saturday, November 24, 2012

Confetti Fanfare Renfrew Top

You had gotten a sneak peak of part of this shirt earlier this week; now you get to see the whole thing!
Fabric: 4-way stretch knit purchased this Spring at Simply Fabrics in Brixton, London
Pattern: Sewaholic Renfrew Top + sleeves modified using my ruched sleeves tutorial (part 1 and part 2)

What did I learn?
- This was my second Renfrew top so it came together super fast.
- I had never worked with such a slinky fabric, but I learned that it's not that scary! It might be tricky to cut, but it is also extremely forgiving.
- Having a serger is not necessarily a must for knits, but it sure makes for clean seams. Now that I've experienced how wonderful it is to have a serger, thanks to my mother's machine, it will be hard to go back to zigzag!

Jeans: Levi's Curve ID skinny low rise in Bold Curve
Isn't the Renfrew Top just a tee-shirt?
Someone made this comment earlier this week (not to pin-point at the person if you are reading, it was a good comment!). I actually thought the same when the pattern came out, but somehow I've changed my mind. Getting caught in the hype is certainly part of the reason, but I also came to the conclusion that yes, Renfrew is just a tee-shirt, but guess what I end up wearing everyday? And yes, Renfrew, is just a tee-shirt,
but it's a tee that fits my body to a T, and it's also made by me.

Tops like these are so great for traveling: You can throw them in a suitcase, they take next to no room, and they will never look wrinkled.

Since the fabric had a lot of drape, I omitted the elastic.
Have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. Wow, another gorgeous Renfrew...those colours are stunning on you Adrienne! I must say you are looking absolutely gorgeous and I love your backdrop for your photos! Thanks again for the tutorial, I'll be giving it a go sometime soon for sure!

    1. Thanks Marie, I look forward to seeing what you'll make!

  2. I want to marry this guy. I think it's the best Renfrew I've seen - that sleeve is making me really, really happy. I've been reluctant to buy this pattern because of the "its just a tshirt" sentiment but you make an excellent case.....

  3. So pretty! I love the colors on this one. Sure the Renfrew top is "just a t-shirt", but it's a great project to try out when sewing knits for the first time. It comes togetehr super easliy, and as you said, if you wear t-shirts a lot, it's a great way to make a good quality t-shirt that will be unique... And as you just demonstrated, it can be easily adapted.

    1. Agreed: you can get cheapidoo tee-shirts for $5 a dozen, but quality is more expensive!

  4. How can you describe your ruffled sleeved creation as 'just a tee shirt''s designer wear!! And made by you, fitting you to a tee, as you say and in wonderful fabric. Love them !!

  5. Exactly what you said... Renfrew may be just a tee, but it's such a customisable, versatile little pattern - as you and many others have shown! I'm really loving your take on it by the way - really suits you. And I love basic, comfy tee's that are elevated to the next level with simple but striking changes such as this. Go the Renfrew!


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