Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sewing for Others: Katheryne's Peplum Skirt Muslin

I'm making my sister a peplum skirt for her birthday (in October... whoops). The various slits on the skirt are an original design of mine... Kidding! It occurred to me that we still hadn't photographed the muslin when I began cutting it up for redrafting, so I rushed downstairs with said garment and ordered my sister to change for the picture. Poor Katheryne had just woken up, was still in her pajamas, and only agreed if her face were to be left out. Oh, the mistreatment.
I used McCall's 2129 as a base (which I used in 2010 for this and this). From that point, I drafted everything else.
She wanted a tighter fit -- a proper pencil skirt -- and so I took in quite a bit on every seam so that the skirt would hug the contours of her figure. I also created additional panels to allow for tucking in the peplums neatly, as well as a back slit to allow for walking, since she asks for next to no ease.

The fashion fabric will be a polyester print in mock wool finish. It's hard to see here, but it has a lot of drape.

In other news, I went for a quick trip to the Fashion District this morning to pick up some organza for interlining. I discovered that King Textiles had moved -- and had increased their prices, it seems. $27 for 2 yards of polyester organza + 3 yards of cotton muslin seemed a bit much. But maybe I've just been spoiled by the one-Euro-a-meter clearance section in Granada! In any case, I was thinking on the subway ride home that some pointers for fabric shopping in Toronto would be useful.

Any Toronto sewists reading? Has anyone come across a Toronto fabric-shopping guide?



  1. I'm from Mississauga and prefer shopping online at Fabricmart Fabrics. But I did come up a fab. post on Toronto Fashion district on Couture Smith by Connie.


  2. Can't go wrong with a classic pencil skirt!

  3. Your sister is a lucky girl! Sounds like it will be a well fitted skirt:)

  4. Hi! I live north of Brampton, but I've lived in Toronto before and done a fair bit of fabric shopping there... but honestly, I've always been rather disappointed when I go to the Queen W district! I hate how prices are rarely labelled, and I guess I just don't know the bargains... Instead, I usually prefer Ottawa St in Hamilton. There's a 2-story fabricland with a huge discount area on the 2nd floor, and 7 or 8 little independent store ranging from highend quilting stores to bargains to little family-run shops.

    Next time you have a meet up in TO though, I'd love to come along - We can call it "research" for our own fabric shopping guide! :P

    1. Oooh, thanks for the Brampton Fabricland tip! I can't wait to check it out! But honestly, I'm pretty fed up with Queen W. And as you mention the prices not being labeled bug the hell out of me! "Am I being ripped off? Am I getting a good deal?" I'd rather just know the price from the get go.
      I've never actually heard of any sewing meet-ups in TO. Has anyone? If none are happening, I feel that it's high time to change that!

    2. Let's have a meetup of our own then! I only know of about 5 sewing bloggers in the GTA... but maybe in the new year we could meet up in either Toronto or Hamilton!

  5. In search of all things "peplum", I believe this is the prettiest. Love the fabric choice and what a lucky sister! Love your blog!


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