Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Katheryne's Peplum Skirt -- Revealed!

Meet my sister Katheryne: After completing her chef training, she decided to pursue her passion for food with a B.Sc. in Nutrition. Now, she is preparing for her dietetics internship interviews, for which she will need to look very smart... and wear this skirt!

I've already talked about the muslim and drafting -- after several rounds of alteration to the pattern, we finally got it just right.

The goal was to make a clean skirt that could easily be integrated within her wardrobe. She had asked for a peplum skirt, partly because she never managed to find one off the rack that espoused the contours of her figure. Good thing she has a sister who sews!

What did I learn?
Do not attempt to make peplums with a unstable fabric.
I repeat: Unless you really know what you are doing, do not attempt to make peplums with unstable fabric.

You will quickly discover that part of the fabric will always be on bias, because peplums are cut in a circular shape. In a fluid fabric, the bias-cut part stretches with gravity, resulting in asymmetry. For my first try, although the pieces were cut with mathematical precision, one peplum was markedly longer in the front, while the other was dramatically longer in the back. I've had to unstitch and recut the peplums twice before I understood what was going on. The solution was to let the peplums stretch with gravity, snipping them so that they looked symmetrical again before very carefully attaching to the garment. I also ended up lining them with cotton to given them more structure and stabilize them, but was in no way a miracle solution.
Hand-stitched zipper: virtually invisible on the outside

Would I make this skirt in this fabric again? Not in a million years!

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  1. You've done an awesome job, well done you! Your sister looks lovely in it xx


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