Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Georgia O'Keeffe Blouse

Tricky bit to sew
Pattern: Vogue 8855, view B
Fabric: Synthetic leftover from the Petals of Rose Blouse purchased in Leeds market in 2011.
This pattern turned out to be a bit of a surprise. It caught my eye at Fabricland, and I decided to pick it up on the spur of the moment. When I got home, I felt a bit like “Oh, why did I get this pattern? I could have easily drafted it myself”.
However, I was very pleased to find out the pattern was more complicated than I thought. Not too complicated, just complicated enough -- we’ve got to keep ourselves challenged! All and all, making it has been really enjoyable. Partly because I had already worked with this fabric, so I knew the pitfalls (“press, press, press; pin, pin, pin; and remove the pins before feeding your fabric to your machine otherwise you’ll end up with a mess!”). But also because it picked up a couple new techniques along the way.
As for the modifications, nothing out line for me: I cut a size 6 in the shoulders-bust and size 10 in the waist and gradually extended to a size 14 in the hips. (Just to give you an idea, the pattern recommended sizes 10∕14∕16 for my measurements.)

I should probably have cut a size 12 in the hips, though, since I ended up removing one inch from the bottom of center back and adding one inch at the top of center back. Other than that, the blouse was pretty much perfect and needed no major adjustments (woohoo!).
The sleeves:
I had never seen or sewn sleeves constructed like that. I don’t know if you can really see in the pictures, but they’re a type of kimono sleeves. (Hopefully, you’ll see the pieces better in my next post, where I’ll review the tissue fitting method from Fit for Real People.)

Since then, I’ve spotted a few of these sleeves on the subway in oversized cocoon coats. I’m totally in love with the pattern and these sleeves and I’m already planning another make in mustard yellow sandwashed silk. I’m thinking of making it into a dress this time.

What I'm NOT tempted by, however, is View A. Some interesting pocket placement they've got there!


  1. View a really put me off that pattern but your version is great!

  2. I have seen your project on the Burda website and decided to follow your link to your blog. I like your projects, the colours, different cuts, especially the granny-smith apple green blouse. Good luck with your future projects. Lada

  3. This is gorgeous! Very Chanel chic, non? Love the colour combo you've chosen. x

  4. Oh, I love this and totally agree with Tilly's comment about how very Chanel chic it is! I would wear this right now and might have to make an impulse buy of the pattern!

  5. I love kimono sleeves, too! Sewing them becomes less tricky by the time. Love your blouse!

  6. Your version looks so great! I am rethinking getting this pattern now because the model photos are pretty unappealing. Love the colors too!

  7. This is such a lovely blouse - the colours are perfect and the front tie so chic! I think a version in mustard silk will be equally gorgeous.

  8. Love this blouse! Really cute. I would have never guessed that this pattern could be so nice from the mess that Vogue sewed up in black and white. Weird pocket placements indeed.

  9. That's a lovel colour combo on you!

  10. Comparing this blouse to Georgia O'Keeffe artwork is spot on. The fabric looks so lush and delicate. The blush color looks lovely on you. I can see you getting a lot of wear from this top. It's really pretty.

  11. Magyar sleeves with underarm gussets. Nice. One of the burdas velosewer gave me has this pattern in a top and a dress-would be cool to do a colour contrast version like this-I definitely prefer your version over Vogue's..

  12. Really fantastic interpretation using this fabric and the wonderful contrast. I would never have looked at this pattern and appreciated it until seeing yours. It is the perfect blouse- dress up or down with jeans. I bet its ironing needs is now minimal which would be another bonus in my book!
    Thanks for leaving me some updated code for my button, I am such a HTML noob that its a major trauma just getting it to work for my site, let alone making something that works for other types!! I shall add it to the original posts. Thank you :-)
    Enjoy your blouse meanwhile and look forward to your dot frock :)


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