Monday, February 25, 2013

Mission Accomplished!

The Toronto online sewing community finally gets organised!

After months of planning, promotion and anticipation, our Toronto sewing meet-up finally happened! 
I woke up extra early yesterday morning with butterflies in my stomach. Will people actually come? Will they have fun?

Oh yes, people came. Seventeen, to be exact. And we sure did have fun.

Seriously, I went into this expecting to have fun, but I never expected it to be this much fun. I can honestly say that I enjoyed the company of every single person who attended. What is it about sewists that make us so great?

In attendance:

GillianCrafting a Rainbow

Kristian from Victory Patterns

Chloe, Button and Needle

Andi, from How Unseamly!

Catja from Gjeometry

Dana from Wardrobe Dysfunction 

Debbie from Sew I think I can Sew

Reethi from Weekend Crafting

Vicki, Another Sewing Scientist (All the way from Montreal!) 

Anastasia, who doesn't have a blog (yet!)

Kay from Gently Down the Stream

Sarah from Pattern Vault

Kristin from K-Line

Tracy, who will soon have a blog!


I'm missing two ladies, I think. Please help me identify them!

The event was filled with cute details. Gillian made some fabric name tags for everyone -- we suddenly found ourselves on a first-name basis with the shop attendants! Catja made really cute cake pops that really hit the spot when the fabric-shopping munchies hit. People were sporting their hand-made garments in all their wonderful details. Of note, I was shocked to learn that Tracy had not only made her own coat, but that she used to teach coat making! This lady seriously needs to get herself a blog and make some tutorials for us!
A surprise visit from the bubbly Kristiann, owner of Victory Patterns, who definitely
knew where the deals were at, and who explained how she had made her amazing mittens!
Reethi and her superb self-stitched faux-crocodile skirt
Wool section at King Textiles
 / DanaSarah and Catja at Leathertown
Kristin, Kristiann and other lady (help me identify her!) trying to keep it civilized at the fabric and pattern swap / What I brought home from the swap (I still can't believed I scored Sew U Home Stretch!)
Vicky showcasing her Nelson Mandela print from South Africa, and telling us how bad the shop attendant felt when she cut through Nelson's face / 
Tracy having a laugh, and Vicky showing us her new Egyptian print
Chloe and Tracy
With Debbie who shared some helpful running tips (this lady has completed 50K and 90K races!)
A surprise visit from Jagoda, who was finally able to get a babysitter /
Gillian and I in our me-made outfits: in my Grannysmith Blouse + skirt I made before the blog,
and Gillian in her new knit dress / Left to right: Anastasia, Tracy, Kristin, Vicky, and Reethi
Dana, Sarah, Adrienne (hum, with name tag issues?) and Vicky


  1. What a good recap! It was a really fun event - Thank you so much for being the perfect co-conspirator! One of the two people you are missing is Cathy, who was heading to Mexico today... her blog is !:)

    1. No Gillian -- YOU were the perfect co-conspirator! Thank you!! And thanks for that info.

  2. Oh, Awesome!! Great pics. I had such a fantastic time at this event and enjoyed meeting you so much Adrienne and everybody else, as well. Glad you liked the cake pops. :) I will be adding a blogpost about the meet-up to my blog very soon. I loved everybody's clothes that they sewed themselves as well. Such a thrill getting to see everybody wearing them.

  3. Thank you so much for doing this! It was lovely meeting everyone, I had a total blast! And I love your blouse so much, it was so pretty! I must make myself something similar!

  4. Wow, what a fun day out! It's so wonderful to meet up with like-minded people :)

  5. SO. FUGGING. JEALOUS. I wish so much I could have been there!

    1. Heather Lou: you and I have been tasked with organizing a Montreal meet-up. And it has to happen before Adrienne moves to Sweden in May. Ready, set, GO! ;)

    2. YESssss!! make it happen! Make it happen!!

  6. Why oh why oh WHY was I not in Canada for this! I can't believe you scored a copy of Sew U Home Stretch. It looks like the most fabulous meet-up. Spreading the love!

  7. Aw that looks like so much fun! I second Karen's comment - wish I could have come!! x

  8. Thanks so much for organizing this. I had an amazing afternoon!

  9. Thanks again for co-organizing, Adrienne! (btw I think the photo beside Reethi's was taken at Leathertown.) I just sent you Swedish blog links :)

  10. Thank you for the fantastic meetup, Adrienne! It was FUN!

    I think you are missing Sandra.. I spoke to her during the meetup, but don't remember her blog name.

  11. Ah! I found the other one.. It's Sera froom

  12. It looks like you had such a nice time... Lucky girls!

  13. Hey Adrienne, thank you for a fun afternoon, it was great meeting everybody. I had no idea that Toronto had so much sewing talent. I got so inspired by all of you, to sew more and to blog, so here it is: See you around, on the web and in person!

  14. Hey Adrienne, Just wanted to let you know that I have posted my sewing meet-up pics here:

  15. How jealous am I? It looked like a great time!

  16. How awesome are blogger meetups? I recognised you in a flash - your gorgeous granny smith blouse gives you away! Looks like you all had fun :D

  17. looks like it was a great outing! wish i lived a little closer, though it's nice to have found all of these TO sewing bloggers to follow!!


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