Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Toronto Meet-Up this Saturday!

Hello everyone!

The Toronto Sewing Blog Meet-Up is almost here! Are you as excited as we are???

Gillian and I have been busy finalizing the last details of the event. For my part, this has been on top of juggling the other commitments in my life at the moment, which has been crazy busy! But even if it's been quiet around here, I'm still sewing and I will have a few things to show you.

We really can't wait to meet all of you this Saturday. We've gone from not being sure that anyone would sign up, to not being sure how to manage a list of 15 participants!

What will happen?
Meeting in early afternoon, we will be exploring the fabric shops on Queen West. At the end of our shopping, we will head to a restaurant nearby for some food, drinks, and fun! At this point, we will have a fabric and pattern swap, so bring along any fabric or patterns from your stash that you just don't think you'll use anytime soon. One woman's stash is another woman's treasure! Bring as much or as little as you want. We'll trade our goodies and come home with something new and exciting! We expect to finish at roughly 4 or 5 PM, but if you're up for some more adventures, some people might hit the shops again, or stick around for dinner and drinks.

If you haven't signed up, or if you are on the "maybe" list, it's not too late! Just confirm by Thursday by emailing one of us.

If you've confirmed your attendance, you should have received an email from Gillian or myself with the event details. If you haven't, please check your spam box or get in touch with us!

Last thing: The ability to admire each others' self-made garments in real life is a big part of what makes meet-ups so much fun! Go ahead and wear Saturday that quirky dress you'll never wear at the office! *Cough.* Lobster dress.

On that note, and to entice you, I'll leave you with a couple pictures of the experience that started it all... Karen's infamous Fabric Fandango, held in London in 2011! If we can do half as good a job as Karen did in organizing this event, you'll have the time of your life this Saturday!
Sewing-world celebrities, left to right, Portia, Zoe, Melizza, Marie, Dibs,
and a blog-less lovely lady whose name I can't remember!
Our sub-group -- so nice to get to know these ladies!


  1. I'm so excited, but I'm starting to get sick! I may attend with a face mask to prevent passing on the kid crud with which I'm constantsly infected. See you there with me-made on! *cough*cough*cough

    1. I hope you're feeling better! If not, I'm sure a fun session of fabric shopping and a good glass of wine will make you feel better in no time. ;-) or at the very leas keep you entertained!

  2. Oh how I wish we can meet up again. I hope you have a super awesome time this weekend.

    1. Thanks, Mela! :-) We should organize a mega sewist meet-up in London at some point. It would be totally doable if we do it enough in advance! And it's possible to find fairly reasonably-priced flights to London from pretty anywhere in the world.

  3. It's brilliant to see that you're organising this, you'll have so much fun! Karen's fandango was my first ever meet-up and I couldn't have been paired with a better group...I loved every minute of that day!xx


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