Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sewing Guru Lorraine Henry

Don't let her cute smile and Southern accent fool you. This lady is badass.

Lorraine Henry rocked my world at the Creativ Fest this weekend. I diligently attended all her presentations and she continuously blew my mind with her pattern adjustment theory.

Learning that she has studied under Elizabeth Liechty only made sense. Elizabeth Liechty co-wrote the fitting bible bellow: THE reference for fitting and pattern alteration recommended to fashion students everywhere. If Lorraine comes to your area for a sewing show, DO NOT MISS this opportunity. *Seriously.*

After her last presentation, I approached her "to ask her a question" and to tell her how amazing and brilliant and fantastic and wonderful she was. Needless the say, the excitement was a one-way affair, but she was very humble and kindly offered to send me further material on my "question" about ease.

It was a real question, in all fairness. I've been looking for a good resource detailing where and how much ease to add when drafting patterns. Anyone?


  1. Good question! I'm never sure about the answer either

  2. Lorraine was awesome, indeed!! Gosh, how much fitting related stuff I learnt from that one lady!

    Ii wonder if they answer that question in pattern drafting books...

  3. I have had this confusion about ease as well. Each pattern drafting book seams to add ease in whatever way they please and never seem to go into detail about it. Well, until I found a really good book that allows you to choose the ease you need and gives you guidelines on standard ease for various types of garments. This has become my favourite pattern drafting method: I write about ease in this book in a review on my site here: http://starcross-sewing.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/m-muller-sohn-review-ease-made-easy.html

    This book follows pretty much the same system and also has ease tables in it: http://starcross-sewing.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/review-schnittkonstruktion-fur.html

    1. Hey Stephanie! thank you for this resource, I will make sure to check it out!

  4. I just took a one hour seminar on slopers taught by Lorraine Henry at the American Sewing Expo yesterday. The information she shared was eye opening and had me thinking to myself, "How did I not see that, of course it makes sense!" One hour with her was NOT enough!


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