Sunday, May 12, 2013

Antiquing in Aberfoyle

What a lazy day spent strolling around the Aberfoyle antique market near Guelph, Ontario. These lovely vintage buttons were a steal for $5. Especially the faux-marble ones in the middle, the wonderful Art Deco feel of which inspire in me a vision of a sand-washed silk black blouse.
Unsurprisingly, I found myself being much more interested in the sewing related artifacts than the wide array of housewear on offer. Mind you, that might change once I actually have a place of my own to furnish and beautify... soon! In any case, these buttons are pretty much the only further thing that will fit in my suitcase at this point!

I paired my Catwoman Minoru Raincoat with my heaviest-duty rain boots, a combination that's kept me warm and dry in the face of mud and cold.

Are there antique markets close to where you live, and if so, has it led to interesting sewing finds?


  1. It was a great show. I purchased some lovely vintage cotton, sterling jewelery and tea strainers.

  2. Holy cow. I was confused for a moment when your post popped up because I was also at Aberfoyle today and am just writing up the blog post now, so I wondered how my reader knew about it already. Wasn't it unnecessarily cold? I think somebody could have made a fortune selling wool gloves.

    I also bought buttons. I found a really cute red-and-white striped set, among others. I have no idea what I'll use it for. Yet. I also came away with what is for me a tonne of fabric.


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