Monday, May 13, 2013

The Garden Party Skirt

I've adapted the pattern from the peplum skirt I had made for my sister. The silk for this skirt has been in my stash for probably over eight years, so it's nice to finally see it take the form of a garment!

This silk being much more stable than the awfully temperamental fabric I used last time, the peplums came together without a glitch -- except, perhaps, for my unnecessary use of interlining which ended up giving a tad too much structure to the peplums.
The inside of the skirt is lined with baby pink Bemberg, which gives it an all-over luxurious feel. I'm not a big clubbing person, but if I were, this would be the perfect skirt. I'll probably end up wearing it as a fun bottom with opaque tights and a cropped jacket or something in the fall and winter. I'm wearing it here with my Pyjama Dress.


  1. Adrienne, you look sooooo hot in this outfit! Even if you don't love clubbing, you should totally go soon ;o) The skirt is seriously cool!

  2. Boy oh boy do I love this! I cant believe you sat on that silk for so long.... it's a beaut. I never consider silver since it doesn't work with my colouring but it sure would on the bottom! Anwyay, the shape is dope, fits like a dream and pretty freaking sexy....

  3. Awesome skirt! Look you great.


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