Saturday, June 08, 2013

Now blogging from Sweden + MMM'13

A lot has happened since my last post. I moved from Toronto to Goteborg, Sweden, I completed my second marathon (in four hours twenty three minutes) and made my way to three Scandinavian capitals (including a very relaxing stop at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland).

Understandably, things have been quiet at AS+AS headquarters, but I'm now settling into a routine in my new Swedish home. I will have pictures of my sewing corners for you in the near future. In the meantime, here's a recap of my Me-Made-May 2013, potpourri style.
Working at home, wearing my Graphite Tulip Skirt and my Confetti Fanfare Renfrew Top
Went to see the Marimekko show at the Textile Museum of Canada, Pendrell Blouse

Antiquing in Aberfoyle, with my Catwoman Minory Raincoat

Sightseeing with my aunts in Toronto, graphite tulip skirt + confetti fanfare renfrew top (underneath the sweater)

 Running errands, cleaning and packing, Pendrell Blouse
A bit of translation and preparing my move in Beyoncé Dress + refashioned jeans jacket

The rest of the month was just too crazy, between the move and my travelling, I found myself simply not able to pack me-made garments, and would have been unable to photograph myself in them even if I had. That said, Me-Made-May was still a very good exercise for allowing me to realise that my clothes need to be both travel-friendly and comfortable. As much as possible, the clothes I make should have these characteristics. Conclusion: more cake and less icing!!

In terms of my goal of up'ing my game in self-care this month, in an effort to better separate my home from my work life, I can say that it has only partly worked. The main issue was that this month did not consist of usual working days, except for the beginning. The days that I was indeed able to follow the routine of getting up, preparing myself "for work", going to the nearby coffee shop for coffee and coming home now to "my office" felt good, but I would need to continue the experiment for several weeks to see any tangible results. The habit would basically need to become engrained in my routine.

Fortunately, in that regard, I'm returning to my usual 9-hour translation days this coming Monday, so there will be plenty of opportunity to experiment with my self-care routine. There is a coffee shop right around the corner from our apartment, and the best part is that it also sells Swedish cinnamon buns, a delightfully spicier and healthier version of what we have in North American.


  1. Good luck and all the best in your new home!

  2. I hope you're enjoying your new home in Sweden and those cinnamon buns sound gorgeous! I was in Copenhagen last year and loved all the pastries there, I imagine there will be a similar selection to Sweden. I love your Beyonce dress!

  3. Mmm...buns...I hope you're doing well in Sweden and have adjusted well. Looking forward to hearing more about your life there!

  4. These are awesome, particularly the first one.
    Yours is one of the few MMM sets that's been visually arresting and very diverse- I normally mark MMM posts 'as read' due to the repetitiveness of both clothing and backgrounds-my net-reading time is severely limited so I save it for things that are interesting, entertaining or stuff I can learn from kudos on ticking all three boxes and best of luck with kicking off your new life!

  5. Great outfits Adrienne! And, how exciting you are now in Sweden! I wasn't sure when the big move was going to happen, so I'm glad that you seem to be liking it, so far. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures there.

  6. What a big move to make!! All the best as you settle into your new home :) I absolutely adore the combo of your Beyonce dress + the pale denim jacket. I mean I love ALL your outfits... but that one's definitely my favourite :)

  7. You have such a rich me-made wardrobe; so many treasures! I particularly love your catwoman raincoat, very cool indeed. All the best settling into your new country :)

  8. Too much info- I don't know what to comment on first! Sweden and some fab photos and outfits, but wowzer! Your second marathon in 4 hours 23!!! I am in awe. You are my inspiration Adrienne.


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