Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Conclusion: Good old paper still wins

I enjoyed reading about the different ways that you record your design ideas!

It turns out that....
- 86% of you had a preference for recording your ideas on paper.
- Of these, 50% (or 43% of the total) owned a Fashionary and used it to some extent.
- Only one person said that they did not record their design ideas, because they hardly had enough time to sew as it was.

It's funny, I really would have thought that digital sketches would have been more popular, with everyone owning smartphones nowadays.

What struck me as well is that most of you expressed WANTING to put more energy and effort into recording your design ideas and making pretty sketchbooks.


  1. Ya, I want to record my design ideas too, but my drawings are atrocious, LOL! Will you be making that peplum skirt soon? It's soooooooo nice!

    1. I've made it already! I blogged about it over here . :-)

  2. Yessssssss! I have my trusty, uh, paper on paper book, as I mentioned in your previous post, and I put everything into it, whether by pencil, glue or marker.


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