Monday, July 15, 2013

Workspace Visit

Today, I'd like to take you on a little tour of my sewing space...
I try to keep my blogging calendar in plain view these days (above) to stay on top of things!
My sewing space right now is actually a corner of our living room, which has given me an excuse to introduce sewing-related details into our decor. This hand-embroidered cushion was made by my aunt.
My partner made room for me in his book shelves, and we bought some Ikea boxes to make it look more orderly. But the bookshelf section still feels somewhat incomplete and we are looking for a nice piece to fill all that empty space.

If my sewing productivity goes according to plan, there should be none of this fabric left by the end of the year. I'll then be allowed to bring fabric back from Canada. ;-)

My patterns, organized in boxes and more or less grouped in similar type. 
The view over our neighbourhood park and the river... Sometimes, we see ships pass by and they stand bigger and taller than the buildings around.
This is where I sew! Thank you for coming along today and I hope you've enjoyed visiting my workspace.


  1. Hi Adrienne,
    So tidy and well organized! I suppose there's nowhere to hide - but I like to keep my sewing space fairly tidy, too, even though I can close the door on it. Your new place looks great, and I love the flowers!
    happy sewing

  2. Thanks Chloe! :-) You're right, I really do have to keep it clean since it's our living room. I admit that I could be better at it! Thankfully, I have a very patient boyfriend. (phew)

  3. Lovely space with a lot of light and it's so neat too!

  4. Oh my gosh Adrienne...your new sewing space is just gorgeous!!! I love everything about it and I'm so jealous of the flowers and of how neat and tidy it is!

  5. I really like your table/workbench! The wood top and supports look inviting and yet practical.

  6. Your sewing space/living room seems like a cozy, calm place to be. I love how your space has pops of red all over - just beautiful!

  7. I would die for a window/view like that from my sewing space... though I couldn't strip down to try on things as I go if I did, so maybe my basement "lady cave" has it's advantages. I think the only thing missing on that book case is some great artwork above it. And.. I love your couch!

  8. I love your sewing space, and it looks very organised! That embroidered cushion is really lovely too.


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