Thursday, August 15, 2013

Finished: New Look 6872

So I finished my skirt and I FINALLY have a black skirt in my wardrobe, but now I have nothing to occupy my hand with.

A road trip that was supposed to be a quick in and out to Uppsala turned into a four-day affaire following the breaking down of our car not once, but twice.

After renting a car the first time it broke down, we rebelled against it this time. After all, we did have a tandem bike hanging on our roof -- might as well use it! So now we are doing what everyone told us NOT to do: riding our tandem in Stockholm. It seems to be the source of great amusement, for some reason, but we are telling ourselves they're just jealous. ;-)

It's great fun.


  1. Lovely skirt - and enjoy an unexpected holiday in Stockholm - I've been there once and I loved the old town! x

  2. Yes, love the skirt, but why not ride a tandem in Stockholm? Are there rules about this! Intriguing

  3. Haha to riding a tandem in the narrow streets of gamla stan!! It must be quite an experience! But I'm sure you are enjoying yourself!

  4. Ace skirt, tandem looks cool too! But as with everyone else - what's wrong with a tandem in Stockholm?!

  5. Lovely skirt, it's very you! A tandem bike, you say.....

  6. I'm jealous! (of the skirt AND the tandem bike).


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