Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lycra vs. spandex


To continue on last posts' theme, here's another useful tidbit I learnt at swimwear workshop:

Ever wondered what the difference was between Lycra and spandex?

Well, there is none.

That's right. Lycra and spandex are two and the same.

"Lycra" simply refers to the brand name fiber invented and copyrighted by the company Invista, while "spandex" is its generic name. A North American analogy would be when we say "Kleenex" as opposed to "tissue paper".

Fun fact: Did you know that "spandex" is the anagram of "expands"?

Other fun fact: While "spandex" is mostly used in North America, "elastane" is most widely used in France and the rest of Europe.

*      *      *

All this talk about bathing suits -- and the picture above... talk about glamorous! -- sure makes me want to make my own. I've really enjoyed seeing this massive wave of sewing bloggers getting over their corporeal insecurities and posting pictures of themselves in a bathing suit over the internet. It seems to be a really empowering experience for a lot of you, as if you're saying: "My body is not perfect but it's my own so tough sh*t". Am I right?


  1. Having just made a bombshell and modelled it in 1' temperature, I think you are right. That green swimsuit is so great btw.

  2. I'm learning a lot from your swimsuit posts. I love the fun fact about spandex. That is a glamorous shot and I love the green! I have the Bombshell pattern ready to print, but since we're heading into fall it will probably be a project for next spring.

  3. Well, considering I did post pictures of myself in my bombshell swimsuit on the internet, i say totally! i think it helps that they have a shape (the bombshell, and those fab suits you are posting) that is flattering and glamourous, and that it actually covers quite a bit (and that's a good thing!)...

  4. Oooh, thanks for clarifying this...I did always get confused by the two different words and now I won't ;o) I've loved seeing everyone rocking their swimsuits online, it really is brave and amazing of them!


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