Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Sewing Gods Strike Again

I must have done something right, Readers, because the sewing gods seem be looking after me, still. If you recall, in Spain, a screwdriver flew down from the sky to land on my terrasse, and I was finally able to repair my sewing machine.

Well, the other day, I came into my building and there she was...
To whom did she belong to, and why would someone abandon her in the hallway? You bet I made it my priority to find out.

Fastforward a couple months and this dressform is now... in my sewing studio. :-)

Turns out it belonged to the organiser of the neighbourhood sewing club (because yes, we have a sewing club in our community -- pretty amazing, I know). Matilda, the organiser, had no use for the dressform and wanted to know if I would, perhaps, be interested in borrowing it... indefinitely? Hum, YES.

What is this sewing club about, your ask? I've been going for the past month now, and it's a group of women (men are also welcome, but none are joining us... for now. I'm working on convincing my partner to come. ;-) ) together to chat, have coffee and sew. It's been so nice to get to know other women who love sewing and to have access to quality sewing machines (namely, Husqvarnas, capable of sewing through eight layers of jeans like a knife through butter) and a serger. The organiser has studied both fashion design and tailoring, and even has a masters in textile arts. But best of all, she's very willing to share her knowledge, which means we'll be learning a lot in the months, in spite of the club not being a class per se.
You might be wondering what's on my sewing table at the moment! Well, I've just finished a custom-made dress, which I'm pretty proud of. But my sewing daydreams right now are totally dominated by Anne Klein's Vogue 1223 in the fabric shown on the mannequin. I'm trying hard to reign in this vision -- or, at least, to postpone it until the spring -- because it's totally impractical. What I need right now are fall and winter clothes, not another summer dress. But every so often, I turn to my dressform and... and... the fabric is just so pretty....


  1. A free dressform? A sewing club? You are living the life! Sounds like a dream.

    That fabric is very pretty. Much too pretty to ignore. I'm sure you can make a dress and "winter" it up with tights and boots if needed :)

    1. Yeah and unless my memory fails me, I think this is the fabric I got with you in 2011! Unbelieveable that it still haven't been used! :-S

  2. i am so jealous of your sewing club! i also want a room filled with sewing machines in my basement! in the meantime i settle with knitting night, where the girls are really nice and let me take my hand sewing sometimes... ;)
    and the fabric and pattern are a match made in heaven!

  3. Hey Adrienne, I say DO IT! If the notion of making that dress excites you so much, do it! It is beautiful, and spring will come eventually, right? Glad to hear things are going well!

  4. OH, you lucky ducky!! I'm currently on lookout for a Judy/dressform, it's getting far too difficult to fit, hem on my own without one.


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