Friday, November 29, 2013

The Perfect Pin Cushion

So I was mentioning that I have more time to sew these days.

Here's what I discovered today: a cork pot mat makes for the best pin cushion. Perfect!

Happy sewing everyone!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Favourites of the Fall

I can't believe fall is already pretty much over! More and more, I feel the urge to document things, so I don't forget the best moments. I started thinking "What were the best moments of the fall?", and I thought I would share them with you, if you allow me. :-)

French -- This fall, I decided to make an effort to incorporate French into my daily life. Yes, French is my mother tongue and, yes, I write in French everyday as a translator, but since moving to Sweden I hardly speak or read French anymore and I missed that. I decided this needed to change. I borrowed French books from the city library, went to cinéma français at least twice a month with Mr. AS+AS and francophile friends, and traveled to France. Although the trip was admittedly not primarily for the purpose of reconnecting with the French language, it felt good to speak French as well as replenish my "new words" little notebook. I also realized during our trip that, despite what Mr. AS+AS says, his level of French is quite impressive and that there is no reason, aside from habit, that we should not speak French at home.
Foodie Pleasures -- It's also been a foodie fall for us. We picked tons of berries and plums in August, and made jams of all sorts this fall: black current, ginger-lemon-plum, and cinnamon plum butter. Then, apple season started, and we spent many afternoons making dried apples, and... Mr. AS+AS made 150 litres of apple cider! Anyone fancy a bottle of homemade cider?
Cycle commute -- I cannot believe it when I hear people from Gothenburg complain about how "bad" the bike paths are. If only you knew! If only you knew how horrible the bike paths are where I come from! (i.e. Toronto) I thank the Lord every day for the luxurious segregated (segregated!) bike paths I get to employ every time I head to the city center. And with the colours of the fall, my bike commute has been even more spectacular.
Trail Running -- Fresh air, the leaves changing colour, the sense of community from running in a group.... I've continued to enjoy training in the forest with my running club this fall, with the added enjoyment of discovering a sauna tucked away in a corner of the showers. Ah! I'm a complete addict now. And feel myself becoming more Swedish each day. This fall I was able to celebrate the end of my marathon training season with the Nice-Cannes marathon, and I'm finding it pretty nice now to have the pressure lifted and to be able to run for pleasure without worrying about speed. It also means I now have more free time to do other things... namely, sewing. :-)
Cozy up at home -- Swedes have perfected the art of cozying up the home, with different traditions that make darkness fun. I've enjoyed lighting candles and brightening up our apartment with those colourful lamps. I've also not been feeling too guilty about spending evenings catching up our TV series, wrapped up in my big duvet and drinking liters of green tea. (Yep, in case you were wondering, this is what's happened to my sew-jo.) Nice thing is, the cozying up season is far from being over. The best has yet to come with cinnamon-ginger cookies and mulled wine season only beginning this weekend.

Thanks for allowing me to share my favourite things of the fall, and I wish all of us a wonderful and productive winter!
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