Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Chanel Shorts

The sewlution trousers didn't happen people. But look! I made shorts! I tell myself that spending quality time with my friends and family (i.e. Project Runway marathons with mom!) were more important this month than meeting a sewing goal. Why I had to wait until the very last month of 2013 to start thinking about my sewlution, I'm not sure, but I do know that the trousers will get made sooner or later. If anything, because my wardrobe is in urgent need of some comfortable and chic black pants. Hells, my wardrobe is pretty much in need of everything!
The Chanel shorts: My idea was to make these simple shorts in order to perfect the fit of my pant bloc before cranking up the volume on the trouser complexity. All in the name of perfect fit, three muslins were made, each more disastrous than the next (we just about had a second crotch growing out of the side on one of them) only to return to the original version, which frankly embodied godly perfection next to its monster cousins. (Cousins not shown -- not that they were not deserving of pictures, but we were concerned with protecting the sensibility of our more delicate sewist readers.)
The fabric, purchased at Mood's in NYC, has NOT spent the entire year of 2013 being cuddled and sweet-talked by its proprietress (no way). I don't think the photos here can convey the extent of its beauty (black is always tricky to photograph) but it's a synthetic bouclé woven with strands of lurex -- black lurex on one side and silver on the other. I chose to work with the black side for a less flashy (and tacky?) effect. I freaking love this fabric.
The best thing about these shorts is that they require next to no yardage. The temptation to pick up gorgeous brocades from the Toronto fashion district and whip out a few more of these will be strong, I know!
What would I do differently next time? The fabric is quite loosely woven and not very thick, so I would actually interline it with either silk organza or muslin. I would also make sure to use a zipper with a "stopper" that would prevent it from accidentally coming undone. I was able to partially solve the problem with a hook and an eye, but it still doesn't feel 100%.
A note about the background: whenever in Toronto, I love to visit my sister at Bobette and Belle, where she works. I know the Quebeckers among you will probably think "what an unfortunate name choice" seeing that "bobette" in Québec parlance means "undies". Nonetheless, this name has not stopped the business from becoming one of the most established cake decorators of the city, and, in my book, the perfect place to have a coffee and a slice of cake on a Sunday morning. So cool that my sister works there. *cough* discounted macarons *cough*
Can you imagine spending your days surrounded by these beauties? Dream job! Though, how my sister maintains her vavoom figure in this environment is a mystery to me. Featured: chocolate ganache cake, a.k.a, the Ferrero Rocher of cakes a.k.a the best cake EVER.
Happy sewing everyone! (Are you suddenly hungry for chocolate cake? I know I am!)

Adrienne xo
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