Friday, February 28, 2014

Wardrobe Strategy in Pictures

Hello little chickadees!! I've missed you!

After a wonderful time in Toronto where I've accomplished a lot on the work front, it's good to be back in my things -- namely, it's good to be back in my sewing things. :-)

I've spent a lot of time thinking about sewing these past weeks (rather than actually sew, ahem) and I've really developed a clear picture of what matters to me overall. As I was playing around on Photoshop one day, it all came to me in the form of this graphic, which I think sums it up pretty completely. Lol.

In line with that, I've just gone through a huge purge in my closet to get rid of anything I wasn't wearing -- including handmade items... I'm SO excited to focus on simplicity, functionality and quality from now on. I know many would say this is the Scandinavian influence rubbing off on me, but I would answer that the Scandinavian was in me all along! Rather than talk about my aesthetic, though, I'm eager to SHOW IT to you with real, sewn garments!
Neat and orderly 3
I know a lot of you are taking part in the Wardrobe Architect project over at Coletterie and I've been enjoying reading your style and wardrobe posts. For the rest of you, tell me: has been helpful to sit down and actively plan your wardrobe and define your aesthetic? Or do you find something is lost in that process, the spontaneity and experimentation side of it?

Happy sewing everyone!


  1. I've loved the planning! I'm a planner by nature so it was hugely enjoyable for me to clarify what I should be spending the bulk of my money and time on! There's always a little space for frivolity and spontaneity but I find true pleasure in knowing I'm building a cohesive wardrobe!

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  3. Oh, I don't know... I have been trying to plan the wardrobe, but I'm always attracted to things that are "batshit crazy", as I call them. If I focus on what's functional and comfortable for work and everyday life I always end up with leggings and a tunic. If I follow my heart, I end up with a pretty dress, which couldn't be worse for work (I work as a kinesiologist, and also work PT in a sewing supply store, which can be physically demanding, dirty, and clothes-ruining). I wish I could marry the two styles of dressing, but I don't think it's possible... I guess I have to have two wardrobes, for my two lives, LOL!!!

    1. Fun! I didn't know you worked in a fabric store! It must be so hard to resist the temptation of all these fabrics, but also so much fun. Two wardrobes sound like a good solution to me. :-)

  4. I've loved reading through the Wardrobe Architect posts but have not been doing the worksheets. I did go through a fabric and closet purge (including shoes!) recently.


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