Sunday, April 20, 2014

Completed: A Second Beyoncé Dress

I hope you're having a happy long weekend, and that it's just as sunny in your corner of the world as it is in mine! We are spending the weekend in the countryside -- it's amazing how a simple change of scenery can give a whole new perspective on things. That's why traveling is so important to me: for the perspective it brings, but also for stretching time. As Joshua Foer explains in this interview, routine activities can speed up time, and new experiences awaken our being. This is why, as children, time seems to trickle by, and as adults it flies.
Earlier this week, I made another second Beyoncé dress -- comfortable and flattering, as the previous one.

Fabric: medium-weight ponté knit from Moods NYC
Pattern: Vogue 1314
Successful? Fairly. In terms of the pattern, I wrote TNT (tried and true) in big thick red letters on each pattern piece with great satisfaction. :-) But I was surprised to find out that this particular ponté knit was less forgiving than the double knit I used last time, probably because what makes the double knit so flattering is its foamy propriety, which the ponté lacks. This foaminess not only follows the contours of the body, but also smooths it out. SO: My next make with this pattern will definitely be in an extra-thick double knit.

Tell me, what are you doing this weekend and is the weather cooperating with your plans?


  1. Love your dress- the colour and the long sleeves are nice, so wearable, I think it would look nice with very layered outfits. This weekend I'm doing lots of Easter cooking for family dinners, and taking my dog out for walks- the weather has been beautiful- finally! :)

  2. Great dress you made. It looks comfortable and yet stylish and it looks great on you. This weekend we stay at home, go to the church and take it easy ;).

  3. It looks lovely. This weekend I am at my in laws holiday house which means being very lazy, lots of knitting and cutting out patterns in preparation for sewing when I get home! Happy Easter

  4. The weather has been magnificent all week-end! So I spent it outside, in the park with my friend and knitting on my balcony :) the long weekend was very much needed, so it is great to just relax and enjoy life!

  5. You gorgeous girl. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOUR HAIR AND DO I NEED SWEDISH AIR AND WATER TO ACCOMPLISH THE SAME THING?! Also, love the dress. Everyone needs a little Bey Bey in their back pocket. Annoying it didn't have more give - I hate how.... mercurial? knits can be.

  6. Friday and Saturday were cold, rainy and very windy. Friday we stayed home and listened to Good Friday music and cleaned the turtle tank. Saturday it was worse than Friday (weather) so it was an inside day. Easter Sunday was a simply gorgeous day, warm, blue shies, white clouds, a bit of wind (breezy- everyone walked in church with their hair standing straight up or straight out), very low levels of pollen and pollution. My husband cooked a nice breakfast and then we went to church. The rest of the day was just a nice family day. My husband was happy because one of our sons dropped by and helped him solve a problem with his computer. A daughter dropped by, and we planned a couple of meetings we are connected with. I fixed a nice piece of lamb with peas and yellow grits -not all together.

    Very nice dress- I'll remember that about the ponte' knits.


  7. Never mind the dress, but the hair? OMG... No, the dress is perfect as well...

  8. Hair+TNT= Rock Star. You look gorgeous!


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