Friday, July 11, 2014

Complete: Open Back Silk Dress

We're finally having some bare-legs weather over here. YESS! I'm trying to soak in and retain every minute of every hour because this is so rare. In Sweden, even in the summer, I basically need a sweater on most days, by contrast to my prior muggy summers of Toronto and Spain. I really do love it when the only thing tolerable is iced coffee, shorts, and sandals... But thank goodness our days lately have been sweet and long, with plenty of possibility to wear my new dress!
It's an exact replica of a dress I saw on Club Monaco's website. Those who follow me on Pinterest will recognize it. This is the first time I'm knocking off a garment from a picture only, and I don't think I've done too bad. (You can see the muslin here.)  Although 85% of the success of this dress is probably due to the gorgeousness of the fabric, I must admit.

FABRIC: black sandwashed silk

Seeing and measuring the garment in real life is maybe not that important after all -- what matters is more how the garment looks on the actual wearer. For all I know, the "real" dress in the store would not even fit me -- as it has been the case with 90% of Club Monaco dresses I have tried in the past. But this is the beauty of sewing, folks! We get to make anything we want.
In other news, I finally acquired a new phone last week, which means I can finally exist in the world be on Instagram, About time, I tell you. My 2009 iPhone 3G had become an absolute relic of the past, to the point where most social media apps would not work. Discovering Instagram (yes, I "discovered" Instagram just now...) was full of surprises, like realizing how my sister-in-law has the most amazing eye for photography (and quite the Instagram following). It's as if I'm getting to know my friends all over again, through Instagram. I'm feeling soooo inspired. I invite you to add me on Instagram if you want.
These photos are from Gothenburg this weekend, but we're actually in Småland at the moment, in the Swedish countryside. I've been trying to limit my screen time this week, so I can better connect with my family-in-law and my surroundings. I have had the good fortune of having been welcomed into a big family when I met my partner, who has no less than five siblings (16 to 38), and three nephews and nieces, with a fourth one on the way. It also makes me miss my own family in Canada, these days. (Hello family!)

SEWING DETAIL: I wasn't going to insert an elastic in the back, but I ended up having to in the end because the waistband was too big. A lot of ready-to-wear garments have elasticated, or partly elasticated waists to accommodates a maximum variety of figures. I understand the logic but was never such a fan of this feature personally, because it's not necessarily flattering for me. In this case, though, I was a bit surprised to find that the elastic is kind of tasteful, and it really increases the comfort level of my dress. I will definitely use this device again.

Happy sewing everyone!


  1. Wow, what a fabulous knock-off. Your dress looks great.

  2. Gorgeous dress! You've really done a great job. And one can never go wrong with sand washed silk, I'm sure it feels as good as it looks. Enjoy the long days in your rocking dress - and again, shoes!!

  3. Absolutely fantastic! There is not one thing I don't like about this dress :)

  4. Gorgeous! Will you elaborate on the construction of the half-disconnected waistband? I can't imagine how you did it.

    Looks great!

  5. Stunning! You look absolutely gorgeous.

  6. THis dress is awesome! I love the open back and it looks so comfortable! Great Job!

  7. wonderful! the pictures are dreamy. don't you love when it turns out exactly as (and even a bit better than) you pictured it?! super happy to se you on instagram, too!

  8. This is so gorgeous! I love it!!!!!


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