Friday, August 08, 2014

Good Morning, Sunshine!

Friday-morning potpourri of sweet things and thankfulness

Turns out Oona might have been right. This dress may have been a case of too much cheese, and needing to rest my eyes away from the dress a bit. That, or it needed to be re-branded as beachwear. :-) It was perfect for the beach! (By the way, when we say "going to the beach" in Sweden we mostly mean "big rocks.")

This week, I'm thankful for...
- Fresh veggies from our garden... and all the delicious meals my partner cooks with them. Yum!
- The gorgeously appetizing photography of healthiteens on IG, who inspires me to take more time to prepare my food and make healthier choices and remember to take care of myself, even in times of intense stress.
- How energized and full of vitality I have been lately, both from spending so much time outside and from making sewing a bigger priority in my life. Yay!
- My organized closet -- I decluttered it two weeks ago and it's keeps on giving me joy, calm and happiness every morning when I open it. Never underestimate the power of a good clean!
- Summer weather that exceeded all of my expectations, and keeps on exceeding them.
- Running less these days and being OK with that, because sewing is more important to me at the moment.
- Watching The Shawshank Redemption this week and being reminded of the power of a positive outlook. I was never one to be so crazy about the whole "must think positive" self-help babble, but I must say that since becoming my own boss, I've seen first hand the effect of a negative attitude on your productivity! It really starts with ourselves, and how we view things. Anyhoo, the bigger lesson of the movie was worth the whole Hollywood melodrama side -- How much working a little bit towards your goal every day -- however big your goal and however small your daily action -- can have a dramatic impact on your life. As such, I was naturally reminded of my personal journey with learning Swedish. I'm starting classes again next week, and I'm only now able to appreciate how hard I've worked this past year, and how far I've come, independently of how near or far I am of the "finish line".  Just like with any journey, learning to celebrate the small and big successes along the way is extremely important. The success I celebrated this week was hosting a dinner party in Swedish for the first time and having a lot of fun without a word of French or English! :-)


  1. Love this post; couldn't agree more about chipping away. It feels less dramatic but sometimes baby steps is as fast as you can go....

  2. Well it depends where in Sweden - here in Skåne in the south the beaches are full of sand (and therefore, so is my bikini). I agree - the dress is great with the rocks and dramatic skies!

  3. Yay for the Swedish! I remember when every new word was a success. It was hard work, but very rewarding. You've come really far if you can spend an entire evening speaking only swedish, well done!!
    Also, if you want "real" beach, just come and visit!

  4. Great post and beautiful pictures! It is good to be reminded about this positivity thing, it is so easy to slip into negatives when things are not shaping up the way we want them... Thanks!

  5. Lovely to see you out there amongst the drama in your amazing dress- and such a lovely post too. Too true!


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