Saturday, August 23, 2014

Good Morning, Sunshine!

////Weekly potpourri of sewing thoughts and thankfulness////

Hello my beautiful friends!

I hope that your week was filled with lots of sewing and as much sewing daydreaming as mine was!! Good god it's been challenging to stay focused in Swedish class. A magical whirlwind of fabric, shapes, patterns, textures, silhouettes kept happening in my mind. Does that happen to you too, or I am the only weird one? Our classroom has floor-to-ceiling windows on a busy hallway... pretty hard not to indulge in people-watching during class. Especially given the amazing mix of people/cultures/styles we have. :-)

What catches my eyes these days!
- Leather cut outs and details.
- dress shirts,
- fun cotton prints.
- solids in light colours
- stretchy skirts,
- wool, luxurious bouclé,
- textured gray fabrics,
- crêpe,
- And so eager to play with STRIPES! :-)
1. TopShop 2. Smartset 3. ASOS

This week I'm grateful for... carving out little pockets of time in my weeks, for working on projects that have a very much long-term impact on my life. I don't know about you, but for me the long-term perspective often gets pushed back or delayed in the scale of the daily or the weekly. But it's the most important perspective. As they say, people often spend more time planning their vacation they they do planning their lives! So for me I know that this one hour per week I spend thinking about the long term is probably the most important hour of my week.

Photo : Andrea Christensen
In line with that, when Henrik works night shifts at the emergency, he's away for 36 hours. It would be easy for me to see his long hours as an annoyance or as something negative. But it also gives me the space to do things just for me; to reconnect with the long-term perspective. Last Sunday, I woke up at 8AM, grabbed my black trench coat, my rubber boots and my huge golf umbrella, and walked the 6KM to the city centre to have breakfast at my favourite café, Brogyllen. The streets were so quiet, except for the sound of the rain... :-) Perfect for clearing my thoughts, and getting my week off to a good start!

Happy sewing everyone!


  1. I loved your description of that morning walk. Have a great week!

  2. Ha yes I often can't sleep because of all the fabric visions that cloud my mind! Your one hour a week of long-term thought sounds like a really good idea and one that I might try.

  3. Mmm, your breakfast looks delicious! So do the stripes... And thank you for the reminder about long-term planning, it's something I've been neglecting lately.

  4. Stripes! Will they ever grow old? (No. The answer is no.)


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