Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Join me in the Anti-UFO Project

Hello my beautiful friends!

So glad for the interest in making the Anti-UFO Project a group proejct! I'm going to make things more official in this post. (And just in case that wasn't clear, UFO stands for Unfinished Objects!) The goal is to keep ourselves accountable over the next weeks so we can clear our sewing table and be unburdened by those projects we never finished. Open sewing table and limitless creativity are the goals! We'll be having fantastic company over the next weeks!

You'll find bellow a button! (Just a matter of grabbing the code and inserting it as an HTML widget on your sidebar. :-) I also thought that it would be good to extend the challenge by a month to give people more time and flexibility -- September being a busy month and all, with the start of a new school year if you have kids or if you're a student yourself. So the new deadline will be October 31st, 2014. Fittingly the Day of the dead... muah ha ha... death of our UFOs.

I'm super duper excited to see your nearly forgotten projects come to life over the next two months, and I will make it my personal mission to be your cheerleader and to help you push through your insanely busy schedule to get that sewing table EMPTIED OUT. I will also document my own progress here. Hurray!

Let me know if you have any question and sign up in the comments if this sounds like fun to you! :-)

Happy sewing everyone!

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