Monday, November 03, 2014

Completed: Anti-UFO Project

Hello my chickadees!

How has it gone with your Anti-UFO projects? Did you manage to accomplish what you set out to do? If you've written a wrap-up post, make sure to include the link in the comments -- I want to see what you've made! I'm going to try to put together a wrap-up post of your makes if there is enough people. :-)

OKAY, I bet you're curious to see how the challenge has gone for me?

I'm pretty happy with what I've accomplished in the context of this challenge. Not that I think the pieces are so amazing per se (as usual, there are flaws and imperfections) but there is still a pretty big and satisfying feeling of accomplishment. The fact that I got ANY sewing done during this time is pretty remarkable, in fact, in light of the big changes that took place in my life these past weeks/months (will talk about it soon, I promise).

Double knit, synthetic fabric with leather patches at elbows and collar accents in double fold elastic (matte side). Self-drafted pattern. In the photo it looks like one side of the jacket is longer than the other. It is a bit in real life due to my scoliosis, I think, but it's not that bad as noticeable as it looks here.

Let's take a moment to look at what I had set out to do:
1) finish my blazer
2) finish my shirt muslin
3) complete my ponté knit pants.

As you can see my goals for the challenge evolved a bit. For one thing, I ended up producing companion pieces for two of the initial UFOs (a skirt to the blazer, and a top to the pants). And then the bird-poo-green "wearable muslin" of a dress shirt ended up being a total kill-joy, sewingly speaking. EVERY TIME I sat down to work on it, I swear! Still, the project gave me a good sense of the modifications I'm going to need for my next dress shirt. AND I need to take it easy in terms of the expectations I place on myself for dress shirts... Many of you sewing bloggers and readers can sew a mean dress shirt, I know, but I bet you didn't get to that point overnight, am I right?? (Encouragements, encouragements!!) I tell myself that my next shirt will be better. :-)

Now friends, you want to hear about it, don't you? Let me give you a bit more details...

Very heavy weight ponté knit. (I would never pack it my suitcase, in fact! They must weight at least 1.5 KG, no exaggeration.) There is an invisible side zip closure with a waistband. Pattern: Simplicity 2659.

Inspired by this image and especially this image. Self-drafted pattern. I had a half-yard of this thick, luxurious cashmere that I was dying to use and this was the perfect plan. If you look closely above you'll see that the sleeves are slightly different. I couldn't make up my mind -- big statement or quiet statement? -- and I wanted to ask for your opinion. But now, looking at the pictures, it's clear in my mind that the tighter sleeves are the way to go. I think I'm more of a "quiet statement" kind of person anyways. :-)

Your opinion is still welcome, of course.
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